Product Information


We feature an exclusive pressure sensitive "PAINT MASK" product specially designed and EASILY REMOVED for spray painting hood letters and
numbers, yielding a sharp crisp letter or number with no under spray.

We can CUSTOM PRODUCE our exclusive "PAINT MASK" product in
in ANY SIZE up to 38 inches in height.

To further give your truck that "Hand Lettered" look our PAINT MASK
product is now available without the "WEBS" at no additional cost.

PLEASE NOTE: Paint Mask is a "ONE TIME" use item




We use only the highest quality decal material produced by 3M.

Their Fleet marking material is the most highly respected material
on the market. It does not shrink, expand or peel due to the weather.

In our 40 years in the graphics business we have used other material
and have found that the 7 to 10 year life expectancy of the 3M material
is a "cover your butt" warranty, as we have had signs and truck
graphics last over 12 years without problems.

We offer NO OTHER manufacturer's material!

ALL of our multicolored decals are printed by us, we employee
no outside contractors.




Oil board is a cardboard impregnated with "oil"so that it can
be cleaned and re-used.
It is compatible with most oil based paints.

It is used most commonly for marking boxes and shipping crates.
And, before the introduction of more modern marking systems, the marking of the same legend on multiple vehicles.

It does not yield a "sharp" legend and tends to allow under spray
of the paint.

We offer oil board stencils in 1/2", 1" and 1.75" sizes only.




ALL vehicle items and hardware that we offer are either
New Old Stock (NOS) or newly manufactured reproduction.

We sell do not sell used or take off parts!